Discovering the Next Generation of IT and Cloud Solutions

A 'Turbo' Enterprise IT Market Showcase!


  • Lightbits Labs
  • Redstor
  • VirtualMetric
  • Spin Technology
  • DataStax
  • Open Raven
  • Nintex
  • Delphix
  • Aryaka
  • Dialpad
  • Capgemini
  • Sequitur Labs
  • Cyberhaven

About This EcoCast

Did you know that there’s a vendor for everything? You may not know who they all are, though. As a result, we’ve created our very first Enterprise IT Market Showcase that will feature all new companies to present to the ActualTech Media audience!

During this fast-paced event, you’ll be introduced to solutions from across the IT spectrum from security companies to storage providers to networking solutions to cloud management services to data management products, and more. Our goal, as always, is to make sure that our audience always has insight into a wide array of solutions to help meet any IT or business need.

  1. Josh Goldenhar

    Featuring Josh Goldenhar VP of Product Marketing, Lightbits Labs

  2. Ed Renwick

    Featuring Ed Renwick Partner Acquisition Manager, Redstor

  3. Yusuf Ozturk

    Featuring Yusuf Ozturk Co-Founder and Chief Software Architect, VirtualMetric

  4. Tom Kanan

    Featuring Tom Kanan Enterprise Account Executive,

  5. Max Camplin

    Featuring Max Camplin Head of Sales, Spin Technology

  6. Paras Mehra

    Featuring Paras Mehra Product Manager, DataStax

  7. Ho Ming Li

    Featuring Ho Ming Li Solutions Engineer, Open Raven

  8. Holly Anderson

    Featuring Holly Anderson Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Nintex

  9. Lenore Adam

    Featuring Lenore Adam Director of Product Marketing, Delphix

  10. Dave Ginsburg

    Featuring Dave Ginsburg VP, Product and Solutions Marketing, Aryaka

  11. Geoff Reimer

    Featuring Geoff Reimer Director, Sales Engineering, Dialpad

  12. Jeffrey Spevacek

    Featuring Jeffrey Spevacek Testing Practice Leader, Capgemini

  13. Larry O'Connell

    Featuring Larry O'Connell VP of Marketing, Sequitur Labs

  14. Jared Thorkelson

    Featuring Jared Thorkelson Data Protection SME, Cyberhaven

What You'll Learn

  1. Hear 10-minute presentations from each vendor
  2. Have an opportunity to engage during a short Q&A segment per presentation
  3. Be eligible to win gift cards throughout the event, so make sure you’re paying attention!