Special Webinar Event Phish Stories, Episode 3:

New Threats Menacing Microsoft 365 Users Today


  • SlashNext

About This Webinar

More than one million companies use Microsoft 365, and many of those companies are leaders in the finance, pharmaceutical, energy, and technology fields. With critical data to protect, these companies are ripe targets for the evolving second generation of phishing attacks. SlashNext Threat Labs are tracking over 1,000 active zero-hour spear-phishing attacks targeting Microsoft 365 in the last 60 days.

Join SlashNext’s founder and cybersecurity expert, Atif Mushtaq, and CEO Patrick Harr as we explore real-life examples of these attacks and the challenges facing organizations.

  1. David Davis

    Host David Davis Partner & vExpert, ActualTech Media

  2. Atif Mushtaq

    Special Guest Atif Mushtaq Founder & Chief Product Officer, SlashNext

  3. Patrick Harr

    Special Guest Patrick Harr CEO, SlashNext

What You'll Learn

  1. Latest MS 365 phishing attacks that are targeting users now
  2. How cybercriminals and nation-states are using automation, AI, and behavioral targeting to increasing phishing success
  3. Recommendations and resources for protecting your MS 365 environment from fast-evolving phishing attacks