Developing your 2022 Security Plan


  • KnowBe4
  • Gigamon
  • SecurityScorecard
  • Rubrik
  • CrowdStrike
  • Netenrich
  • Illumio
  • Ping Identity
  • Palo Alto Networks
  • Duo Security
  • SimSpace
  • CyberArk

About This EcoCast

If 2021 -- and every year of the last two decades -- is any guide, IT security will be a major challenge in 2022.

Attend this EcoCast for a year-end opportunity to make sure you’re employing the latest and greatest security tools, practices, and strategies in your environment for 2022.

First, you’ll get a review of the most important and devastating security incidents of the last year and a look ahead at what to expect in 2022. Then you’ll hear from some of the most innovative providers of security technologies on ways to harden your environment for 2022 and make your security posture as resilient as possible.

While learning, you’ll have a chance to win one of our awesome prizes just in time for the holiday season!

  1. Roger Grimes

    Featuring Roger Grimes Data-Driven Defense Evangelist, KnowBe4

  2. Fayyaz Rajpari

    Featuring Fayyaz Rajpari Sr. Director Product Management, Gigamon

  3. Adam Denyer-Hampton

    Featuring Adam Denyer-Hampton Director of International Sales Engineering, SecurityScorecard

  4. Tracy Ator

    Featuring Tracy Ator Inside Sales Engineer, Rubrik

  5. Eben Kaplan

    Featuring Eben Kaplan Director of Strategic Advisory Services, CrowdStrike

  6. Christopher Morales

    Featuring Christopher Morales Chief Information Security Officer, Netenrich

  7. Nick Rago

    Featuring Nick Rago Principal Security Engineer, Salt Security

  8. Nathanael Iversen

    Featuring Nathanael Iversen Chief Evangelist, Illumio

  9. Aubrey Turner

    Featuring Aubrey Turner Executive Advisor, Ping Identity

  10. Paul Kaspian

    Featuring Paul Kaspian Principal Product Marketing Manager, Palo Alto Networks

  11. Ganesh Umapathy

    Featuring Ganesh Umapathy Product Marketing Manager, Duo Security

  12. Shaun Walsh

    Featuring Shaun Walsh Vice President, Global Marketing, SimSpace

  13. Ben Opel

    Featuring Ben Opel Senior Director, Customer Solutions Engineering, AttackIQ

  14. Andy Thompson

    Featuring Andy Thompson Research Evangelist, CyberArk

What You'll Learn

  1. Key security takeaways from 2021
  2. A view of the threat landscape for 2022
  3. Details of tools for protecting your organization
  4. Best practices for defending against security threats
  5. Ideas to improve your security strategy for 2022