Ransomware: Prevention, Protection, and Recovery


  • KnowBe4
  • Rubrik
  • Clumio
  • Pure Storage
  • NetApp
  • Faction
  • Unisys
  • Druva
  • Nutanix
  • HYCU
  • Zscaler
  • iland
  • Quantum
  • SecurityScorecard
  • Illumio
  • Recorded Future

About This Summit

The scourge of ransomware is plaguing IT organizations of all sizes. All you have to do is turn on the evening news and you'll learn about new ransomware infections at hospitals, financial institutions, universities, government organizations, and companies across all verticals.

Unfortunately, there's no silver bullet to absolutely stop ransomware but there are excellent solutions to help to prevent ransomware and rapidly recovery from it, should an infection occur. They include security awareness, zero-trust, EDR, and rapid recovery solutions that will help you to mitigate or rapidly recover from the threat of ransomware.

The ActualTech Media Fall 2021 Summit is your perfect opportunity to learn about market-leading technology vendors in a uniquely consumable format. The event will offer you the opportunity to quickly assess each vendor's potential to help you better protect yourself from ransomware and rapidly recover.

  1. Roger A. Grimes

    Featuring Roger A. Grimes Data-Driven Defense Evangelist KnowBe4

  2. Tracy Ator

    Featuring Tracy Ator Inside Sales Engineer Get back up and running quickly with Rubrik!

  3. Jeff Lackey

    Featuring Jeff Lackey Cloud Systems Engineer Air-Gap Protection:  Why snapshots are not a complete story

  4. Zane Allyn

    Featuring Zane Allyn Principal Technology Strategist Pure Storage

  5. Jason Blosil

    Featuring Jason Blosil Principal Marketing Strategist, Cyber Resilience NetApp

  6. Mike Phelan

    Featuring Mike Phelan Senior Product Manager for Cyber Recovery Faction

  7. Andrew Peters

    Featuring Andrew Peters Director, Global Business Development, Security Building a Resilient Cybersecurity Plan

  8. Celeste Kinswood

    Featuring Celeste Kinswood Sr. Product Marketing Manager-Data Governance & Security Druva

  9. Craig Zubchevich

    Featuring Craig Zubchevich Solutions Architect, Storage and Data Availability Nutanix

  10. Subbiah Sundaram

    Featuring Subbiah Sundaram VP Products HYCU

  11. Brett Stone-Gross, Ph.D.

    Featuring Brett Stone-Gross, Ph.D. Director of Threat Intelligence Advances in Ransomware & How to Defend Against It

  12. Nirmal Singh

    Featuring Nirmal Singh Director of Malware Labs Zscaler

  13. Dale Levesque

    Featuring Dale Levesque Director of Product Management iland and Zerto Ransomware Protection in the Cloud

  14. Eric Bassier

    Featuring Eric Bassier Sr. Director of Product Marketing Leveraging 3-2-1-1 Data Protection as Part of an Effective Defense Against Ransomware

  15. Ryan Sherstobitoff

    Featuring Ryan Sherstobitoff Vice President, Threat Research & Intelligence SecurityScorecard

  16. Paul Dant

    Featuring Paul Dant Principal Systems Engineer Fast Path to Reducing Ransomware risk

  17. Allan Liska

    Featuring Allan Liska Senior Security Architect and Ransomware Specialist Recorded Future

What You'll Learn

  1. Discover how you can improve your company's security awareness and prevent ransomware before it happens
  2. Learn about data protection and disaster recovery solutions that will help you rapidly recover from ransomware, like it never happened
  3. Find out how emerging cloud services can strengthen your security posture
  4. Gain valuable advice from security experts and special guest speakers