Wrangling the Cloud: Avoiding Missteps and Improving Application Environments


  • Rubrik
  • Gigamon
  • Red Hat
  • Pure Storage
  • Thycotic
  • NetApp
  • Nutanix
  • OutSystems
  • Clumio

About This MegaCast

Public and private clouds dominate the application support landscape. As applications are strewn all over the cloud, it can become easy to make a mistake that can doom application performance and availability. During this Wrangling the Cloud event, you'll discover solutions to help tame the Wild West of the cloud into submission to ensure consistent and predictable outcomes for your critical applications.

Instead of spending months researching many different cloud solutions and how they can help you, what if you could quickly and efficiently learn about the various solutions and find out what makes each one unique, all in a single event?

If you register for this MegaCast, that's exactly what you'll get! Join us, at the ActualTech Media Wrangling the Cloud MegaCast event!

  1. Kim Lambert

    Featuring Kim Lambert Principal Product Marketing Manager, Rubrik

  2. Mike Preston

    Featuring Mike Preston Technical Marketing Engineer, Rubrik

  3. James Mandelbaum

    Featuring James Mandelbaum Senior Security Engineer, Gigamon

  4. Karina Varela

    Featuring Karina Varela Principal Technical Marketing Manager, Red Hat

  5. Jon Owings

    Featuring Jon Owings Director, Cloud Architecture, Pure Storage

  6. Joseph Carson

    Featuring Joseph Carson Chief Security Scientist, Thycotic

  7. Jeff Dickey

    Featuring Jeff Dickey Chief Technologist, Cloud and Data Services, NetApp

  8. Allan Waters

    Featuring Allan Waters Sr. Solutions Marketing Manager, Nutanix

  9. Jacob Bogie

    Featuring Jacob Bogie Lead Solutions Architect, OutSystems

  10. Charles Goforth

    Featuring Charles Goforth Cloud Systems Engineer, Clumio

What You'll Learn

  1. Learn about the most innovative cloud solutions for the enterprise
  2. Find out how you can transform availability, scalability, efficiency, and data protection in your datacenter
  3. Get your most burning cloud questions answered by the top experts in the industry
  4. See live demos of cloud solutions
  5. AND have a chance to win valuable prizes!