Special Webinar Event 5 Security Design Practices for Your Modern Data Center


  • Illumio

About This Webinar

Today’s data center network is changing with the adoption of technologies like SDN, HCI, and virtualization that enable greater IT efficiency, programmability, and network agility to enable your business to move faster with the delivery of dynamic workloads anytime, anywhere.

With Illumio, we can help you to rethink your approach to reduce security complexity and better secure your data center fabric while reducing risk and strengthen overall security and availability.

Register today for this webinar where our expert will present how you can design an effective data center security strategy to enable robust protection of your workloads everywhere.

  1. David Davis

    Host David Davis Partner & vExpert, ActualTech Media

  2. Christer Swartz

    Special Guest Christer Swartz Principal Technical Marketing Engineer, Illumio

  3. Sam Rastogi

    Special Guest Sam Rastogi Product Marketing Director, Illumio

What You'll Learn

  1. Key trends, challenges and recommended security strategies for securing your data center fabric and multi-cloud environment for effective Zero Trust.
  2. 5 best practices to extend simpler security across your across on-prem data centers and multiple public, private, and hybrid clouds.