Crafting a Comprehensive Storage Strategy


  • Pure Storage
  • Atempo
  • NetApp
  • Rubrik
  • Synology

About This EcoCast

The plethora of modern storage options—from arrays to software to hyperconverged to composable to cloud and everything else - provide IT organization a multitude of options and capabilities but also make selecting these solutions a Herculean challenge. How should innovative new storage solutions fit into your storage strategy, now and in the future, and how should you select the best storage solution for your company?

We hope that you'll join us on this EcoCast to learn about some of the most innovative storage solutions in the industry today, discover how next-gen storage can simplify your storage strategy, and get answers to all of your storage questions from our lineup of storage experts!

  1. Jase McCarty

    Featuring Jase McCarty Field Solutions Architect, VMware, Pure Storage

  2. Mike Oakes

    Featuring Mike Oakes Senior Pre-Sales Engineer, Atempo

  3. Jeff Dickey

    Featuring Jeff Dickey Chief Technologist, Cloud and Data Services, NetApp

  4. Stefan Nobbe

    Featuring Stefan Nobbe Sales Engineering Manager, Rubrik

  5. Dave Russ

    Featuring Dave Russ Senior Technical Account Manager, Synology

What You'll Learn

  1. Learn how next-gen storage solutions make the datacenter efficient and scalable
  2. Discovery how these solutions fit into your storage strategy, now and in the future
  3. Learn how to protect and automate your company's critical data
  4. Get answers to all your questions from our storage experts!