Comparing Traditional vs. Next-Gen Edge Security


  • RAPID7
  • Cequence
  • Wind River
  • Illumio
  • Sysdig

About This EcoCast

Security requires a robust set of defenses that align to cover all aspects of a computing and application environment. This may necessitate deploying both traditional tools as well as emerging ones. But what exactly are "next-gen security tools" and how are they different? What are the latest innovations in next-gen security and how can they bolster your security posture? More importantly, which of these next-gen tools are right for you and your company? With terms like vulnerability management, SIEM, dynamic inspection, app firewall, and micro-segmentation all being touted as critical, where do you start and which do you choose?

Here's your chance to get answers to all of those questions, and more, from our security experts!

Join this event to learn how the latest innovations in security can help to you ensure your data and applications are secure, now and in the future!

  1. Jeremy Snyder

    Featuring Jeremy Snyder Sr. Director, Corporate Development, RAPID7

  2. Matt Keil

    Featuring Matt Keil Director of Product Marketing, Cequence

  3. Steve Hart

    Featuring Steve Hart Director of Security Product Management, Wind River

  4. Katey Wood

    Featuring Katey Wood Director of Product Marketing, Illumio

  5. Pawan Shankar

    Featuring Pawan Shankar Director of Security Product Marketing, Sysdig

What You'll Learn

  1. Learn how Next-Gen security solutions will better secure your company's data
  2. Find out how you easily you deploy the latest innovations in security
  3. See Next-Gen security solutions in action with live demos!