Special Webinar Event Harness the (Super) Power of SOC Automation


  • RAPID7

About This Webinar

With security being at the forefront of most companies, Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) solutions are in high demand. SOAR tools have emerged to allow organizations to improve their overall security posture by aggregating security events and provide essential automated responses that may help to repel an attack.

Strengthen your security before it's too late! Join us on this webinar event!

  1. Scott D. Lowe

    Host Scott D. Lowe Partner, ActualTech Media

  2. Margaret Wei

    Featuring Margaret Wei Product Marketing Manager, Detection & Response, RAPID7

  3. Sydney Coffaro

    Featuring Sydney Coffaro Senior Technical Advisor, SOAR, RAPID7

  4. Jeffrey Gardner

    Featuring Jeffrey Gardner Practice Advisor, Detection & Response, RAPID7

What You'll Learn

  1. Join this event to learn SOAR solutions can better secure your company's data
  2. Find out how you can transform your application performance and availability
  3. Get answers to your burning automation questions