Ensuring Trust and Security in Enterprise IT and the Cloud


  • Alkira
  • Thycotic
  • Okta
  • Clumio
  • FireMon
  • Gigamon
  • Sophos

About This MegaCast

As the cloud becomes foggier and even edge environments begin to resemble traditional cloud, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain a posture that reduces an organization's risk. With technology strewn across disparate environments, the attack surface area for IT expands rather dramatically.

Your job – and we doubt you have any choice but to accept it! – is to leverage every tool in your arsenal to keep bad guys and even human error from dooming your data. Modern security is defense in depth and you need myriad tools to keep incidents at bay. Such tools may include privileged password protection, centralized and managed authentication with SSO, rock solid data protection for all of your cloud apps, interconnectivity with security baked in, and much, much more.

To keep pace with intensifying threats and to get a surprisingly efficient look at some of today’s market-leading services to help you achieve you security goals, join our 'Ensuring Trust and Security in Enterprise IT and the Cloud' MegaCast.

  1. Misbah Rehman

    Featuring Misbah Rehman Technical Marketing, Alkira

  2. Joseph Carson

    Featuring Joseph Carson Chief Security Scientist, Thycotic

  3. Swaroop Sham

    Featuring Swaroop Sham Group Product Marketing Manager, Okta

  4. Suhas Nayak

    Featuring Suhas Nayak Director of Product Marketing, Clumio

  5. Robert Rodriguez

    Featuring Robert Rodriguez Director of Field Engineering, FireMon

  6. Bassam Khan

    Featuring Bassam Khan VP of Product & Technical Marketing Engineering, Gigamon

  7. Richard Beckett

    Featuring Richard Beckett Senior Product Manager, Sophos

What You'll Learn

  1. See how today's most innovative cloud security, storage, networking, data protection, and management solutions complete your security puzzle
  2. Learn why privileged password management needs to be a key component in your information security strategy
  3. Find out why even cloud native applications need special backup attention and how to achieve it
  4. Gain insight into how you can radically improve end user-centric security systems to massively reduce your risk