Special Webinar Event End User Computing Tech Summit

Workspace Strategies For Delivering Any App On Any Cloud.


  • Nutanix
  • VMware
  • Citrix

About This Special Event

EUC solutions have reached an inflection point, both technologically and culturally. The world is finally prepared to see the value of EUC, and IT professionals now have the tools capable of delivering a great employee experience for both modern and classic applications, on any cloud.

Today’s EUC solutions are not only creating high powered workspaces that enable students, partners, and colleagues to Get Work Done without constraints, they are driving a transformation of how and where work, healthcare, education, and leisure occur. And we’re finally ready to move from “cloud first” to “cloud smart.”

Nutanix EUC Tech Summit is a zero-fluff event designed by and for EUC geeks and visionaries. Hope to see you there!

  1. Ruben Spruijt

    Featuring Ruben Spruijt Sr. Technologist, former Frame CTO, Nutanix

  2. Jarian Gibson

    Featuring Jarian Gibson Senior Solutions Architect, Nutanix

  3. Gaby Grau

    Featuring Gaby Grau Solutions Architects EUC, Nutanix

  4. Paul Murray

    Featuring Paul Murray Solutions Architects EUC, Nutanix

  5. Shawn Bass

    Featuring Shawn Bass CTO, VMware

  6. Christian Reilly

    Featuring Christian Reilly CTO, Citrix (Formerly)

  7. Nikola Bozinovic

    Featuring Nikola Bozinovic Co Founder, Nutanix

  8. Kees Baggerman

    Featuring Kees Baggerman Technical Director, Engineering, Nutanix

  9. Alexander Ervik Johnsen

    Featuring Alexander Ervik Johnsen Senior Systems Engineer, Nutanix

  10. Chris Marks

    Featuring Chris Marks Nutanix

  11. Stephan Buschmeier

    Featuring Stephan Buschmeier Business Leader Frame, Nutanix

  12. Jon Eugenio

    Featuring Jon Eugenio Principle Solutions Architect, Nutanix

  13. Yangzhi Zhao

    Featuring Yangzhi Zhao Director of Product Management, Nutanix

  14. Sven Huisman

    Featuring Sven Huisman Staff Solutions Architect EUC, Nutanix

  15. Dave Brett

    Featuring Dave Brett Cloud Technical Architect, EUC, Nutanix

  16. Timon Watson

    Featuring Timon Watson End User Computing Team Lead, Robert Gordon University

  17. Michael Janssen

    Featuring Michael Janssen Lead Architect Remote Access, Vodafone Group Services

What You'll Learn

  1. Join us geeks, nerds, technologists, architects, and decision makers to learn from End User Computing veterans about where this space is heading and how to (re)design your future workspaces. Sessions will include EUC start-ups founders on how they run (and sell) a successful EUC business.
  2. Technical deep dives from seasoned Workspace geeks? on how to design and size Virtual Application and Desktop solutions from Citrix, Nutanix Frame, and VMware.
  3. Engage with Community experts from Citrix, Microsoft, Nutanix, and VMware as they share their insights on designing and running VDI and DaaS solutions.
  4. “Demo-only” sessions showcasing the latest advances from Citrix, Nutanix, and Frame in action.