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See Three Unique Solutions That Protect Your Data From Being Held Hostage!

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Scott D. Lowe

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Lurking beneath the sea of your users’ email inbox is one of today’s most nefarious security threats. A single click of a mouse can turn an innocent looking email message into an existential threat for your business. That threat – ransomware – effectively locks away all of your files behind an encryption wall via which the malware deliverer attempts to extort your company in order to be provided with a decryption key.

This kind of sudden and complete data loss places your business at major risk. Unfortunately, due to the seriousness of this crime and as a result of the potential for permanent deletion of all company data records, many companies give in to the extortion demands just so that business can resume.

What if you didn’t need to worry about ransomware? What if – in the unfortunate event that your company was hit with a ransomware attack – you could simply revert the entire company back to a snapshot of your data or you could be protected via some other technological means? These kinds of solutions already exist in today’s market.

In this ActualTech Media Ransomware EcoCast, you will learn about solution from three leading vendors helping you to protect you company, your data, and your customers from this latest criminal threat.

On This EcoCast Event You’ll Discover

  • Discover how three companies leading the charge against ransomware can help you defeat this growing threat
  • Get exposure to both software and hardware-based means of protection
  • Find out how you can avoid ever being extorted as a result of a simple user mistake
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Ken Shaw

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