Doing More With Less Day: Highlighting Technologies that Help Boost IT Efficiency


  • RAPID7
  • Pure Storage
  • Nutanix

About This EcoCast

No matter where you work or what you do, IT Pros all have one thing in common and that's a lack of time. There's never enough time in the day to "keep the lights on" and innovate (much less time to enhance your skill set or keep up to date). In most cases, the root cause of this time shortage is all the time required to keep aging, complex, and inefficient hardware and software running. What's the answer?

On this EcoCast, you'll find out about the latest and most innovative technology available to help IT Pros - and your entire IT Organization - boost efficiency! Specifically you'll learn how to simplify storage, achieve strong security, leverage cloud solutions, consolidate workloads, and improve performance with solutions from today's most innovative companies in enterprise IT!

Bring your greatest IT challenges and toughest questions for our expert presenters!

  1. Meaghan Donlon

    Featuring Meaghan Donlon Offering Manager, RAPID7

  2. Jim Kinney

    Featuring Jim Kinney Founder & CEO, Kinney Group

  3. Roger Cheeks

    Featuring Roger Cheeks Senior Analytics Technologist, Kinney Group

  4. Craig Halliwell

    Featuring Craig Halliwell Director Strategic Alliances, Pure Storage

  5. Sahil Bansal

    Featuring Sahil Bansal Product Marketing Manager, Nutanix

What You'll Learn

  1. Learn about new technology that can make your life, as an IT Pro, easier and more efficient
  2. Find out how you can leverage these solutions to solve your greatest IT challenges
  3. Get all your questions answered from experts in the industry
  4. See these solutions in action!
  5. and .... have a chance to win one of our valuable prizes!