Special Webinar Event Moving Data to the Cloud: Data Warehouse or Data Lake. Why Not Use Both?

What You Need to Know

James Green

Host James Green

Partner & vExpert,
ActualTech Media

With big data, data warehouses, data lakes, it is easy to get confused about the pros and cons and what to use where. In the past two years, for instance, the Data Industry has been bending over backwards to try new applications, techniques and use-cases where data lakes will perform phenomenally at solving yet another complex task, where other technologies might reign supreme.

When designing your organization’s data platform you should think of it as a data backbone for the use of the entire organization, not a database for analysts.

In this Webinar we will be discussing the general use cases of known warehousing technologies and data lakes and suggest, through Panoply's infrastructure, an optimal way for cross utilization of both technologies.

In this event, viewers will:

  • Learn the differences between data warehouse and data lake technologies
  • Identify the use cases that drive decisions around when to choose which architecture
  • Discover how cloud has disrupted traditional data warehouse and data lake services
  • Find out how Panoply can help you solve your most pressing data challenges and gain insight into your data-based assets