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Tips for Supporting a Remote Workforce

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What You Need to Know

IT pros are used to requests seemingly at odds with reality, but rarely are such requests more necessary than what many have dealt with in recent weeks.  As countries, counties, cities, schools, businesses, and organizations of all shapes and sizes come to grips with their own current realities, many are turning to IT in a desperate bid to ensure ongoing business continuity.

Many organizations have plans to support some level of a remote workforce, but, as we’re discovering, these plans didn’t often include essentially abandoning on-premises environments and pushing the entire workforce into remote offices and homes basically overnight.  Even as companies shut down their facilities, IT pros are working overtime to figure out how best to support this shifting paradigm.

As former IT pros and CIOs ourselves, ActualTech Media’s principals truly understand what everyone is facing, from decision makers to IT pros, and we wanted to find a way that we could provide some assistance to members of our extended technology community.

ActualTech Media is engaging IT vendors and independent experts, including ourselves, to provide actionable advice that we’ll intersperse during the event to ensure that all attendees walk away from this event with broad knowledge that may help them more quickly solve the key challenges that they are facing.

On This Gorilla Guide Webisode Event You’ll Discover

  • Discover how to get your work from home environment underway or expanded
  • Learn where you may have holes in your current policies and technologies
  • Hear from vendors that may be able to help you accelerate and secure your deployments

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

  • Chuck Wood Chuck Wood Sr. Product Marketing Manager


  • Bill Peterson Bill Peterson Principal Technologist
  • Charlie Huang Charlie Huang Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Live Q&A Panel

  • David Davis David Davis Partner & vExpert


  • Kelsey Nelson Kelsey Nelson Senior Product Marketing Manager


  • Craig Nunes Craig Nunes COO

Live Q&A Panel

  • David Davis David Davis Partner & vExpert