Rocketing to the Future of Cloud-Defined Storage

Launch Event June 25, 2020

Save money and scale storage operations for your mission critical applications

The word revolution in the context of the storage market has been used a lot over the past decade, sometimes accurately. Today, we’re applying that word – accurately! – to the next evolution in data storage: cloud-defined storage, an idea born at Nebulon and nurtured by experienced industry moguls.

Cloud-defined storage is a new paradigm in data storage and is the culmination of a well-engineered integration of key trends:

  • Software-defined infrastructure
  • Operational simplicity
  • Easy scalability
  • Hybrid cloud
  • Eminent affordability

Please join us on June 25 as we introduce Nebulon to the world and help you discover why we believe that cloud-defined storage truly – and accurately – revolutionizes the storage market and brings a truly transformative, scalable, and accessible experience to the often staid world of data storage.


Cloud-defined storage is a flexible, on-prem and server-based enterprise-class storage solution that is defined and managed through the cloud. CDS consumes no server CPU or memory resources, but you still get all of the features of enterprise storage without the expense or footprint.

The icing on the cake? You manage it, and the rest of your infrastructure, through the cloud, providing you with insights, self-managed updates and powerful programmability at any scale.

Reserve your spot for this exclusive event to learn how to make your deployment simple from day 1 all the way to day 1000.

  • Siamak Nazari CEO, Nebulon
  • Craig Nunes COO, Nebulon
  • Tobias Flitsch Product Manager Software & Cloud, Nebulon

Demo 1:40-1:50pm EST

In this demo, Martin Cooper will dive into Nebulon on, the cloud-control plane, and walk you through the management experience of this cloud-managed solution and how application owners can self-service provision infrastructure.

  • Martin Cooper Senior Director of Solution Architects, Nebulon

Q&A and Prize Giveaway 1:50-2:00pm EST WIN 1 of 9 $100 Amazon Gift Card

Panel Discussion moderated by David Davis 2:00-2:15pm EST

In this panel discussion, David Davis of ActualTech will interview experts from Nebulon to learn what cloud-defined storage is, how it can help real IT organizations, what makes Nebulon unique, and how to get started. Additionally, David will be posed questions from the live audience to our Nebulon experts.

  • David Davis Partner & vExpert, ActualTech Media
  • Siamak Nazari CEO, Nebulon
  • Tobias Flitsch Product Manager Software & Cloud, Nebulon
  • Craig Nunes COO, Nebulon

Analyst Perspective 2:15-2:25pm EST

Making things easy is hard. Nebulon is re-engineering storage using well-tested operational methodologies that make hybrid cloud operations make sense. In this segment, Scott D. Lowe will share with you his thoughts on Nebulon’s technical architecture and technical and business outcomes to explain how cloud-defined storage has the potential to be the next great disruptor in the storage market and why it’s a great fit for enterprises.

  • Scott D. Lowe Partner, ActualTech Media


RAD Bike

Must be in live attendance to qualify. The winner will be announced by Nebulon.