Private Cloud on a Budget: Solving the 'Build vs. Buy' Dilemma

David Davis

David Davis

Partner & vExpert, ActualTech Media

John Mao

John Mao

Director of Business Development, Stratoscale

What You Need to Know

By creating a private cloud, you and your company can gain numerous benefits around efficiency, scalability, and agility. The go-to solution for building a private cloud is the open source “OpenStack”. With an OpenStack powered private cloud, you’ll be able to visualize your entire infrastructure, carve it up as desired, and even allow power-users to deploy new applications using self-service. You’ll have an application library and be able to roll out complex applications, on-demand, giving your business competitive technology advantage. Sounds great, right? The challenge to doing it yourself is that it’s not easy.

For that reason, many enterprises are moving to public cloud BUT once they get into public cloud, they find out that it’s not cheap.

What’s the answer? Do you build or buy a private cloud?

Whether you're in the midst of evaluating private/hybrid cloud solutions, or even in the middle of an on-going deployment, come join us as we explore the true (and often times, hidden) costs of cloud infrastructure. In this webinar, we will compare and contrast the options of "building versus buying" your own private cloud using an analogy many are familiar with: home ownership.

Together, We Will Look to Better Understand:

  • Pros and cons of building vs buying your very own cloud
  • Known and hidden costs of private cloud infrastructure
  • Differences between open-source software (i.e. OpenStack) and turnkey products
  • How to make the right ("build vs. buy") choice for your organization