Special Webinar Event How Modern Infrastructure Accelerates Time to Insights with Vertica


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David Davis

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David Sprogis

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Miroslav Klivansky

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Pure Storage

Vertica is the high-performance SQL analytics data warehouse trusted by the most data-driven organizations to transform customer engagement, fraud detection, network analysis, and more analytical initiatives.

Eon Mode is Vertica’s cloud-optimized architecture designed for rapid scaling, workload isolation, and improved operations which, when paired with Pure Storage FlashBlade, is first in category to bring these benefits to the modern enterprise data center on-premises. Pure Storage's FlashBlade is the only on-premises all-flash storage validated with Eon Mode, and combines fast object storage with fast SQL analytics for a proven platform that delivers unparalleled timely insights.

Join us to learn why more and more data-driven organizations rely on the Vertica+Pure platform to accelerate time to insights with a modern infrastructure.

On This Webinar Event You’ll Discover

  • Learn about Vertica Eon mode that separates storage from compute for greater agility, performance, and scale
  • Understand how Pure FlashBlade provides N+2 durability to Eon Mode with simple management, high performance, and petabyte scale
  • Discover how Pure and Vertica work together to deliver unified solutions to customers like AT&T