Special Webinar Event Ransomware: How To Remove The Threat


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Damian Serjeant

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Country Leader,

David Chalk

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Chalk Media Corp

Rick Byrne

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Canadian Systems Engineer Manager,

As organizations scramble to deal with sudden changes, they need to ensure their IT Infrastructure is secure and protected. Having a strong cyber security solution is no longer enough. To avoid having major impacts to business and downtime, organizations need to have a solution in place for when they are attacked.

In this live event, Dr. David Chalk will share why computers will continue to be vulnerable despite current security measures in place until they are autonomic, why working from home increases the chances of a cyber-attack, and the three things you can do to remove the threat and keep your system protected from being held for ransom.

Dr. David Chalk is a Realistic Futurist with a 25-year history of accurately predicting the interaction of humans and machines. As an expert on technology and disruptive innovation, David presents what audiences need to know to succeed in business, technology and life.

On This Webinar Event You’ll Discover

  • First hand ransomware stories and experiences
  • Why having a strong security solution isn’t enough to keep you protected
  • How having a strong backup is the best way to protect yourself from Cyberattacks