Live Data Protection DemoCast

Cut out the slideware and salesy-talk. Do you want to see the best features of a real data protection product in action - all in under 30 minutes? If so, this first-ever DemoCast is for you!

We'll jump right into the demo and show you the most critical functionality first- easily backing up physical and virtual machines. From there, you'll see how recovery individual VMs, individual files, and even Exchange mailbox items. Finally, we'll demo virtual standby in the Arcserve or AWS public cloud.

In less time than it takes to eat your lunch, you'll see a LIVE demo of cutting-edge data protection!

On This DemoCast Event You’ll Discover

  • Super-easy backup of physical AND virtual machines
  • FAST recovery of physical servers, VMs, files, and Exchange mailbox items
  • Disaster Recovery in the Cloud - how to configure a virtual standby server in the cloud
  • How to archive backup data in the cloud

Special Guest Presenter:

Moderated by ActualTech Media

Stacey Budd

Stacey Budd

Principal Consultant, Arcserve