Special Webinar Event Cybersecurity and Ransomware: Strategies to Prevent, Protect and Prevail

by 20 year FBI Veteran and Veeam Software



What You Need to Know

David Davis

Host David Davis

Partner & vExpert,
ActualTech Media

Van Flowers

Featuring Van Flowers

Systems Engineer,

Jeff Lanza

Featuring Jeff Lanza

Retired FBI Agent Keynote Speaker,

Join 20-year FBI veteran and Cybersecurity expert – Jeff Lanza and Veeam’s own Van “Vanimal” Flowers for an unforgettable opportunity to learn and help your organization combat the growing threat of external cyber-attacks.

Information security is your organizations top priority. Helping you protect and recover your data is Veeam’s top priority.

Hear Jeff Lanza discuss the latest hacks, security breaches and security scams to demonstrate how cybercrime occurs, and what counter measures businesses can take to be more prepared.

In this webinar you’ll learn about:

  • Hacker tricks
  • Email hijacking for wire transfer fraud
  • Credential stealing
  • Why the FBI can't stop ransomware and how you can
  • Veeam strategies for ransomware protection