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"The cloud" is a term that has been hijacked, twisted about, and regurgitated by many marketers with nary a thought to what it actually happening under the hood. Part of the problem is that cloud is an umbrella term for a bunch of different possibilities, but it's too often equated with only large public cloud services, such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure when, in fact, there are much more to the story.

Here’s the thing: the term “cloud” means different things to different people and it can get really, really confusing when you’re looking at yet more products being marketed under the cloud moniker. You need to understand the options you have at your disposal and understand how to differentiate them so that you can properly categorize new products as they come on the market. You also need to understand how companies are extending products you already have to help you leverage cloud services without having to change your existing processes and products.

What if you could learn about the various cloud opportunities and also gain insight into some of the leading products and services in each? That’s exactly what you’ll get with the ActualTech Media Cloud MegaCast. This is your opportunity to educate yourself about what’s happening in across the cloud spectrum and to discover solutions to some of your most complex data center issues from general compute needs to data protection to storage to DevOps. Learn from leading vendors how they’re driving positive outcomes for their customers.

What You'll Learn

  1. Discover the various ways that “cloud” is impacting your data center and your IT function
  2. Learn how different companies from across the IT spectrum are helping their customers leverage the many potential benefits of cloud and how they’re transforming common processes to save money and time
  3. See how each vendor adds cloud-based value to simplify IT deployment, performance & management
  4. Get answers to your most burning cloud questions from the top experts in the community