Datacenter Decisions Series

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Like a real-life "choose your own adventure" book, IT Organizations are constantly forced to make critical decision about which path to take. Where do you put your data? What platform do you use? Which applications do you run? How do you protect your data? Which option should you use to work from home? How do you secure it all? How do you really know it's secured? Being forced to make all these decisions that could have lasting impact for you and your company is enough to stress out any IT pro!

Not to worry! In the Datacenter Decisions Series from ActualTech Media, we'll be taking on each of these choices, comparing them head to head, and providing you an educational roadmap to ensure that you and your IT organization take the best path!

Converge or Hyperconverge: That is the Question Now Available VIA On Demand

Hyperconverged vs. Converged Infrastructure

  • Steve Carter Senior Product Marketing Manager

“Hyper” makes all the difference. And while converged infrastructure is several steps up from legacy infrastructure, it loses out when it comes to the cost-saving, application-securing, VM-moving power of hyperconvergence. Which side are you on?

Legacy database solutions vs. Nutanix solutions Now Available VIA On Demand

Next-Generation Databases Don’t Sit in Silos

  • David Teague Technical Marketing Engineer

Legacy database solutions have had their place, but it’s high time for a new competitor to out-rank the silos, complexity, and lag of multi-tiered architecture. Don’t miss out on this heated match between the former solution and the all-star newcomer!

DaaS vs. VDI - Best Practices, Pros & Cons Now Available VIA On Demand

DaaS or VDI: Settle the Score!

  • Aaron Delp Nutanix Solutions Marketing, EUC
  • Brian Suhr Principal Technical Marketing Engineer

The round match goes to two end-user computing powerhouses: desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) and VDI. Whether you’re choosing to stay in-house with VDI or take the weight off your shoulders with DaaS, this match will be closer than you expect!

In this webinar you will learn:
- What are the benefits of implementing VDI
- What are the benefits of implementing DaaS
- Choosing the right end-user computing solution based on security, operations, and cost

Clash of Clouds // When Clouds Collide Register Here to Watch Now

Hybrid vs. Multi-cloud

  • Sahil Bansal Product Marketing Manager

Clash of the Clouds. One cloud, two clouds. Hybrid cloud, multi-cloud. Got an idea which really fits your needs? How do you pick one vs the other or can hybrid clouds, leveraging a cloud-like experience built on your datacenter, cohabit with multiple public clouds? This matchup has got you covered!
In this webinar you will learn:
What is a True Hybrid Cloud and how to build one
Benefits of a hybrid cloud strategy
Making cost-aware decisions when choosing private vs public clouds


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