Special Webinar Event vSphere Optimization Secrets: How Machine Learning Trounces Threshold-Based Analytics Tools


  • SIOS

About This Webinar

If you don’t continually analyze and optimize your VMware vSphere environment, you’re going to suffer downtime and application performance issues. However as your vSphere environment has grown and become more complex and dynamic, that analysis has become increasing difficult - especially with traditional tools.

Optimizing and right-sizing your VMware environment is a bigger challenge than ever. You need fast, accurate recommendations to resolve performance issues and manage these complex, constantly changing environments. You will learn the key distinctions among the approaches used by these technologies and how to choose an analytics solution that best meets your needs.

Join David Davis, 8 time vExpert and Partner at ActualTechMedia and Experts from SIOS Technology in this real-world, practical, hands-on webinar! Find out the differences between different vSphere analytics approaches and how to choose a solution that’s best for you. Bring your questions! We’ll have answers!

  1. David Davis

    Host David Davis Partner & vExpert ActualTech Media

  2. Jim Shocrylas

    Featuring Jim Shocrylas Product Manager SIOS

  3. Tony Tomarchio

    Featuring Tony Tomarchio Director, Field Engineering SIOS

  4. Sergey Razin, Ph.D

    Featuring Sergey Razin, Ph.D CTO SIOS

What You'll Learn

  1. The different types of analytics tools available today
  2. The features to look for in your next vSphere tool
  3. How modern machine-learning tools can make analysis easy
  4. How to resolve performance issue, identify wasted VM resources, and forecast capacity utilization