Supporting Emerging AI, ML, and Data Science Initiatives

What You Need to Know

Smart companies, more and more, are moving into business and technology initiatives that leverage emerging AI, ML, and data science. With IT organizations already being overwhelmed with complexity and growing datasets, this event is a great opportunity for vendors to present their AI, ML, and data science solutions to a group of interested IT professionals.

In this event, you'll learn about technology solutions that are designed to meet today's toughest AI and ML challenges! You'll get all your questions answered and see these solutions in action !

We hope you'll join us on this special event!


  • Learn about the most innovative AI, ML, and data science solutions and how they can tackle your toughest challenges
  • Find out how leading companies have accomplished their business needs thanks to these AI and ML technologies
  • Learn how IT and data science teams are establishing joint workflows and processes to optimize AI workloads
  • See these solutions in action!
  • Get all your toughest questions answered!
  • and... have a chance to win one of our valuable prizes!
Thaise Skogstad

Thaise Skogstad

Director of Product Marketing, Anaconda

Omri Geller

Omri Geller

CEO and Co-Founder, Run:AI

Roger Levinson

Roger Levinson

COO, BrainChip