Enabling Edge Environments


  • Flexential
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise

About This EcoCast

The edge has emerged as the next frontier in the enterprise. What started out as a replacement term for remote office/branch office has expanded to encompass a plethora of other needs as well, including IoT strategies, AI initiatives, and much more. With exciting new technology it's natural that IT organizations have questions and need education on architecture, design, and use-cases. That's exactly what you'll receive on this special Ecocast event!

In this event, you'll learn about technology solutions that are designed to meet today's toughest edge challenges! You'll get all your questions answered and see these solutions in action !

We hope you'll join us on this special event!

  1. Tim Parker

    Featuring Tim Parker VP, Network Strategy, Flexential

  2. Vinay Jonnakuti

    Featuring Vinay Jonnakuti Sr Manager, Technical Marketing, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

What You'll Learn

  1. Learn about the most innovative edge solutions and how they can tackle your toughest challenges
  2. Find out how leading companies have accomplished their business needs thanks to these innovative edge technologies
  3. See these solutions in action!
  4. Get all your toughest questions answered!
  5. and... have a chance to win one of our valuable prizes!