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What You Need to Know

Already pushed by operational needs and digital transformation efforts, IT is finding itself front-and-center as organizations grapple with pandemic. The technology landscape, already fluid, has become a whitewater current. Far from maintaining the status quo, IT pros and CIOs now have a mandate to evolve and implement new IT solutions that support a rapidly changing business landscape.

During this day-long Summit webinar event, join 14 companies working to help their customers revolutionize their IT function. Discover new products and services that help you realize your transformation goals. You’ll be treated to presentations from all corners of the IT vendor market and learn about solutions that support enhanced security, robust data protection and disaster recovery, AI, cloud, data center infrastructure, end-user computing, DevOps, and much more.

Here's why you should join

  • Gain insight into the most innovative enterprise technology solutions from our lineup of expert presenters
  • Be treated to a compelling conversation from thoughtful independent speakers around the challenges facing today’s IT pros and decision makers
  • Get all your questions answered from representatives from some of today’s most interesting and compelling enterprise IT companies
  • Find out what your peers are looking for in emerging technology and how they are leveraging these solutions in their company

Agenda at a Glance

  1. 11:00am ActualTech Media
  2. 11:05-11:32am KnowBe4
  3. 11:32-11:59am Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  4. Independent Presentation
  5. 11:59am-12:26pm Open Systems
  6. 12:26-12:53pm TierPoint + Zerto
  7. Independent Presentation
  8. 12:58-1:25pm SolarWinds
  1. 1:25-1:52pm Datrium
  2. Independent Presentation
  3. 1:52-2:19pm Cequence
  4. 2:19-2:46pm Nutanix
  5. Independent Presentation
  6. 2:46-3:13pm Red Hat
  7. 3:13-3:40pm Okta
  8. Independent Presentation
  1. 3:40-4:07pm GitLab
  2. 4:07-4:34pm Pure Storage
  3. Independent Presentation
  4. 4:39-5:06pm NetApp
  5. Independent Presentation
  6. 5:06-5:33pm Veeam + Veeam
  7. Independent Presentation

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Kick-off & Housekeeping 11:00AM

How will this Summit unfold? What can you expect and how will prize drawings work? Tune into the Summit kick-off with ActualTech Media's David Davis!

  • David Davis David Davis Partner & vExpert

Now That Ransomware Has Gone Nuclear, How Can You Avoid Becoming the Next Victim? 11:05-11:32AM

There is a reason more than half of today’s ransomware victims end up paying the ransom. Cyber-criminals have become thoughtful; taking time to maximize your organization’s potential damage and their payoff. After achieving root access, the bad guys explore your network reading email, finding data troves and once they know you, they craft a plan to cause the most panic, pain, and operational disruption. Ransomware has gone nuclear.

  • Roger Grimes Roger Grimes Data-Driven Defense Evangelist

Accelerate with HPE GreenLake for Storage 11:32-11:59AM

In this presentation, we will cover the challenges IT organizations are facing in keeping up with storage demand and how HPE GreenLake can help to keep storage capacity readily available as an as-a-service consumption offering, where you will only pay for what you use. Also, we will give a quick overview of HPE GreenLake Central, a single control pane to unify and simplify operations across the hybrid estate.

  • Clesmie Burden Clesmie Burden GreenLake Consumption Consultant

What is Digital Transformation?

  • Shawn Kanungo Shawn Kanungo Disruption Strategist
  • Independent Presentation

React Earlier in the Kill Chain with Integrated Managed Detection and Response (MDR) 11:59AM-12:26PM

In a recent survey, nine out of 10 organizations that suffered a significant security attack were running up-to-date cybersecurity software. They did what everyone told them to do, and it wasn’t enough. Traditional security practices are just not working. Threats are becoming more sophisticated, you are managing too many disconnected products, with too many manual processes. You can’t get the skills and the costs of securing your infrastructure are spiralling. Is this you? If so, you need to integrate your disconnected products and management if you want to survive. Managed detection and response (MDR) is the new best practice. Join Dave Martin from Open Systems where he will explain why your organization needs MDR, how to convince the business that it needs it too, and how to implement it.

  • Dave Martin Dave Martin Sr. Director Product Management

2020 DR Trends & Guidance 12:26-12:53PM

Zerto provides enterprise-class business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solutions for virtualized infrastructure and the cloud. Tierpoint is a leader in national provider of hybrid IT solutions that help organizations of all shapes and sizes improve agility, drive performance, and manage risk.

  • Dale Levesque Dale Levesque Director of Product Management
  • To Be Announced

Business 2030

  • Shawn Kanungo Shawn Kanungo Disruption Strategist
  • Independent Presentation

IT Trends Report 2020: The Universal Language of IT 12:58-1:25PM

In the seventh year of its annual report, SolarWinds studies how the breakdown of traditional IT siloes has affected technology professionals across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments. While the survey data was gathered before the COVID-19 (or Coronavirus) pandemic elevated technology professionals as essential workers, the findings are underscored by this challenging period of remote work and increased burdens on the IT environments keeping global organizations operating at full capacity. The study reveals a new reality for tech pros where roles have converged yet budgets remain focused less on emerging technologies and more on infrastructure, hybrid IT, expanding their charter from operations to optimization.

  • Thomas LaRock Thomas LaRock Head Geek

SaaS for DR: The Flywheel of Delight 1:25-1:52PM

The convenience and on-demand economics of SaaS products in the public cloud make it an unstoppable trend – so much so that using a SaaS model for disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (BC) has become a reality and viable solution for many organizations that simply cannot afford downtime. Learn how IT leaders have gained confidence in their DR/BC strategies by adopting a one-click SaaS experience.

  • Sazzala Reddy Sazzala Reddy CTO & Co-Founder

The CIO: Blurred Lines

  • Shawn Kanungo Shawn Kanungo Disruption Strategist
  • Independent Presentation

A Venture-backed Cybersecurity Software 1:52-2:19PM

An AI-driven software platform that discovers apps, detects attacks, and defends your business from bad bots.

  • Shreyans Mehta Shreyans Mehta CTO & Co-Founder

Making Hybrid Cloud a Reality 2:19-2:46PM

A virtualized datacenter platform that provides disruptive datacenter infrastructure solutions for implementing enterprise-class.

  • Greg Smith Greg Smith VP of Product Marketing

Coronavirus: Leading Through the Crisis

  • Shawn Kanungo Shawn Kanungo Disruption Strategist
  • Independent Presentation

DevOps your way to the API economy 2:46-3:13PM

Microservices, agile development, and the hybrid cloud are the dominant principles of innovation at governments and private industry today. The most advanced platforms support those principles in a seamless manner such that DevOps controls the full lifecycle of innovation, not just development and deployment, but security, testing, contract definition, socialization, and even analytics. Come listen to Red Hat’s vision and roadmap to this new Nirvana.

  • David Codelli David Codelli Product Marketing Manager

From Firefighting to New Normal: 3 Tips to Bridge Workforce Security and Productivity 3:13-3:40PM

As the COVID-19 outbreak drove people to shelter in place and businesses to work from home, IT and Security teams went above and beyond to quickly enable remote work with the resources readily available to them. The positive results deeply transformed how organizations see remote work as a strategic opportunity (the 'new normal') for the future of their business and creates enormous pressure over current IT technology and processes. In this presentation, Frederico Hakamine of Okta will walk us through his top three tips to help IT and Security transitioning from emergency solutions to the future-proof technology and process to support the new normal at scale.

  • Frederico Hakamine Frederico Hakamine Group Product Marketing Manager

The Real Story of Artificial Intelligence

  • Shawn Kanungo Shawn Kanungo Disruption Strategist
  • Independent Presentation

20 years of CI in 20 minutes 3:40-4:07PM

Learn how continuous integration is paramount to effective and efficient software delivery. Continuous integration isn't new. It's evolved from first being coined as a term in 1994 by Grady Booch, to Martin Fowler/Thoughtworks promoting CI as a *practice* **critical** to any software development process in the 2000s, to the world of DevOps and CI/CD today. Come see how the growth of CI has impacted modern software development, why it's so important for businesses, and what it means for their ability to react, and adapt, to a rapidly changing software development landscape.

  • Parker Ennis Parker Ennis Senior Product Marketing Manager

Evolution of Analytics 4:07-4:34PM

Past, present, and future of analytics – how to advance your journey to modern analytics. Common constraints limiting companies from evolving and how to overcome them.

  • Stacie Brown Stacie Brown Chief Technology Evangelist

AIOps of the Future

  • Shawn Kanungo Shawn Kanungo Disruption Strategist
  • Independent Presentation

Your Trusted Partner to the Cloud 4:39-5:06PM

NetApp is consistently recognized as the storage industry leader by the likes of Gartner, IDC, etc. The NetApp Cloud Volumes portfolio of enterprise-grade cloud storage and data management delivers greater levels of performance, resilience, and intelligence for file-sharing services in the cloud.

  • Jeff Dickey Jeff Dickey Chief Technologist, Cloud and Data Services

The IT Professional of the Future

  • Shawn Kanungo Shawn Kanungo Disruption Strategist
  • Independent Presentation

Why Office 365 Backup is ESSENTIAL for Remote Workers 5:06-5:33PM

Microsoft Office 365 enables your enterprise to work remotely, enabling employees to stay productive and connected in the comfort and safety of their home. With a massive influx of remote workers, businesses more than ever before are storing, sharing and accessing data within Microsoft Teams, OneDrive for Business as well as Exchange and SharePoint Online, and that data needs to be protected.

  • Edward Watson Edward Watson Product Marketing Manager
  • Karinne Bessette Karinne Bessette Technologist, Product Strategy

Navigating an Uncertain Future: Scenario Planning

  • Shawn Kanungo Shawn Kanungo Disruption Strategist
  • Independent Presentation