Optimizing Your Virtual Infrastructure


  • Open Systems
  • Flexential
  • Nutanix
  • Pure Storage
  • DataCore Software
  • NetApp

About This EcoCast

Virtualization remains at the forefront of the data center, and is extending into the cloud to enable true hybrid and multi-cloud environments. These environments aren't an island and demand an ecosystem of solutions to perform at the level demanded by a company's applications. To ensure those applications perform well and are highly available across the company, smart companies are leveraging innovative new technology including flash storage, software-defined networking, VDI, and more!

Join us on this EcoCast to learn how to optimize your virtual infrastructure!

  1. Silvan Tschoop

    Featuring Silvan Tschoop Head of Solution Architecture, Open Systems

  2. Craig Cook

    Featuring Craig Cook VP, Solutions Architecture and Engineering, Flexential

  3. Allan Waters

    Featuring Allan Waters Sr. Solutions Marketing Manager, Nutanix

  4. Vaughn Stewart

    Featuring Vaughn Stewart Vice President of Technology, Pure Storage

  5. Shilpi Srivastava

    Featuring Shilpi Srivastava Director of Product Marketing, Pure Storage

  6. Alfons Michels

    Featuring Alfons Michels Senior Product Marketing Manager, DataCore Software

  7. Chris (C-Rod) Rodriguez

    Featuring Chris (C-Rod) Rodriguez Cloud Infrastructure Principal Architect, NetApp

  8. Cynthia Gutowski

    Featuring Cynthia Gutowski Product Marketing Manager, NetApp

What You'll Learn

  1. See some of the most innovative solutions for optimizing your virtual infrastructure, all in one event!
  2. Learn how to ramp up storage and network performance
  3. Discover ways to maximize virtual infrastructure performance, networking, availability, and management
  4. Find answers to your toughest virtual infrastructure challenges
  5. And… have a chance to win one of our valuable prizes!