Special Webinar Event Discovering the Five Critical Characteristics of a Modern Data Warehouse

What You Need to Know

David Davis

Host David Davis

Partner & vExpert,
ActualTech Media

Data warehouses were born of necessity as organizations began to struggle with myriad silos of data and as attempts to gain historical insight from operational data proved difficult. Over time, as we entered the modern era, new challenges emerged around the sheer volume of data being analyzed and around the ability for non-technical data scientists and analysts to be able to glean insight from data.

Numerous solutions have tried –and failed –to address the unquenched thirst that businesses have for data, but they have either proven to be too complex, too expensive or both, resulting in organizations leaving data currency on the table as they addressed only their most immediate needs. Today, though, as customer-centric digital transformation efforts rise in prominence and as organizations are forced to contend with new data security and compliance requirements, data is once again at the forefront.

The data warehouse, as you once knew it, is gone. The modern data warehouse addresses challenges that weren’t even imagined when the term came to being. During this event, you will discover the characteristics that define the modern data warehouse and why these characteristics are critical in your quest to rein in data and turn it into insight.

On This Webinar Event You’ll Discover

  • Discover why the “invisible” data warehouse should be considered a key outcome of your efforts
  • Learn how reliability, security,and governance need to be addressed in data initiatives to keep data secure and your organization out of the headlines
  • Discover characteristics of current data challenges that have introduced scalability –in both capacity and performance –as a critical need in the modern data warehouse
  • Find out the role that a hybrid cloud approach plays in your data warehousing efforts and why you should seek to embrace this multi-faceted environment for your data warehouse
  • Learn why humans can’t go it alone in data analysis anymore and why a machine learning approach to analytics can surge you ahead of the competition