Special Webinar Event Hot vs Cold Data: Its Influence On Data Placement Decisions & What to Do About It


What You Need to Know

David Davis

Host David Davis

Partner & vExpert,
ActualTech Media

Augie Gonzalez

Featuring Augie Gonzalez

Director of Product Marketing,
DataCore Software

The short half-life of data, quickly decaying from hot to warm to cold, governs how much you should spend on it throughout its stages.

Humans are poorly equipped to track the rapid temperature changes, much less capable of reacting to it. Consequently, largely dormant data consumes precious space on expensive storage, blowing up disk capacity and spiraling up costs.

In this webinar you’ll become acquainted with:

  • Machine learning (ML) techniques that sense data temperature variations in real-time
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) methods used to dynamically migrate data accordingly, between primary, secondary and cloud storage from different suppliers
  • Relative distribution of storage tiers necessary for optimum savings