Special Webinar Event End User Best Practices for Multi-Cloud Digital Workspaces

How Desktop-as-a-Service Enables Bi-Modal IT

What You Need to Know

Scott D. Lowe

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Ruben Spruijt

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Sr. Technologist, former Frame CTO,

As the consumption of public cloud services continue to grow, customers are embracing bimodal IT practices.

Mode ONE encompasses well understood, predictable workloads – something that most people want to run in their datacenters -- while mode TWO explores innovation areas and elastic workloads – for which public cloud infrastructure is great.

In essence, think of bi-modal like this: With mode ONE, you own a home and in mode TWO, you use hotels and Airbnb when on the road. This is the same mentality that is becoming a reality in IT and it is integral to success of organizations all over the world.


  • Exactly what this bi-modal shift (mode 1 - mode 2) is and what it means
  • Why there is a shift to bi-modal
  • How this ties into multi-cloud
  • The requirements that bi-modal structures place on the end-user experience and why DaaS is the perfect compliment