Storage, Flash, NVMe and Storage Optimization EcoCast


  • Cohesity
  • NetApp
  • Veeam
  • Pure Storage
  • DataCore Software

About This EcoCast

More so than ever in history, it's storage that is the greatest challenge facing IT professionals. With massively growing data, distributed data, and constant threats of data breaches, providing storage availability, protection, performance, and security have become key. Thankfully there are a lot of storage solutions available to you today but how do you make the best selection for your unique storage challenge and for your company?

This new EcoCast will feature presentations from NetApp, Pure Storage, Cohesity, DataCore and Veeam, presented back-to-back in rapid-fire format!

You don't want to miss this special storage event! Join us!

  1. Andre Franklin

    Featuring Andre Franklin Product Marketing Director, Cohesity

  2. Jesse Summan

    Featuring Jesse Summan Product Marketing Manager, NetApp

  3. To Be Announced

    Featuring To Be Announced To Be Announced, Veeam

  4. David Huskisson

    Featuring David Huskisson Rapid Restore Solutions Manager, Pure Storage

  5. Manish Chacko

    Featuring Manish Chacko Senior Product Manager, DataCore Software

What You'll Learn

  1. Find the answers to your most challenging storage problems!
  2. Learn how to manage, optimize, and utilize your storage infrastructure, today, and in the future
  3. Get all your questions answered from veteran storage experts
  4. Have a chance to win one of our $500 Amazon gift cards!