2020 Enterprise IT Virtual Summit

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Architecting and Supporting the Pillars of IT in 2020

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What You Need to Know

As the next decade creeps inexorably closer to becoming reality, organizations around the world are measuring the success of their “2020 visions” to determine how close they have come to achieving their goals.  Keeping up with the sheer pace of change in the new technology world order is no easy feat.  As we approach 2020, what do you need to know to ensure success for your career and for your organization?  Well, there’s a lot and it spans what are sometimes considered separate pillars of technology.  During ActualTech Media’s special Enterprise IT Summit, you will discover solutions that will help take your organization to new heights in 2020.

From hardware to software solutions to solutions intended to improve critical security and development needs, the Summit is a premier event that brings together solutions from the industry’s most progressive technology leaders and presents them to you in an easily consumable format.  In addition, the Summit features discussions from independent market influencers to help bring a broad perspective to your efforts.

On this new Virtual Summit You Will:

  • Gain insight into the most innovative enterprise technology solutions from our lineup of expert presenters
  • Be treated to a compelling conversation from thoughtful independent speakers around the challenges facing today’s IT pros and decision makers
  • Get all your questions answered from representatives from some of today’s most innovative enterprise IT companies
  • Find out how your peers are ensuring success in their organizations and how they are leveraging new technology

Agenda at a Glance

  1. 12:00pm ActualTech Media
  2. 12:15-12:35pm StorageCraft
  3. 12:43-1:03pm Expedient + Zerto
  4. 1:11-1:31pm GitLab
  1. 1:41-2:01pm Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  2. 2:13-2:33pm Nutanix
  3. 2:41-3:01pm Red Hat
  4. 3:09-3:29pm DataCore Software
  1. 3:37-3:57pm KnowBe4
  2. 4:05-4:25pm SaltStack
  3. 4:33-4:58pm NetApp
  4. 4:58-5:23pm SolarWinds + SolarWinds

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Kick-off & Housekeeping 12:00PM

How will this Summit unfold? What can you expect and how will prize drawings work? Tune into the Summit kick-off with ActualTech Media's David Davis!

  • David Davis David Davis Partner & vExpert

Ensuring Your Data Is Always Safe, Always Accessible, Always Optimized 12:15-12:35PM

Powerful data protection offerings that deliver instant, reliable and complete data recovery. Solutions to solve your data management, data protection, and disaster recovery needs. How using our cloud services can give you the edge.

  • Bill Hansen Bill Hansen Senior Product Manager

Continuous Availability Equals Competitive Advantage in 2020 12:43-1:03PM

When IT disaster strikes every moment counts. Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions that automate total network failover and orchestrate application recovery enable continuous IT availability.

  • Brent Meadows Brent Meadows Solutions Architect
  • Steve Blow Steve Blow Technology Evangelist

Security for Cloud Native Applications 1:11-1:31PM

Are you prepared to secure cloud native and serverless software used by your enterprise? This session describes the challenges they create for traditional security programs. In this session, we will cover New attack surfaces introduced by developing, deploying, and running cloud-native applications, important for DevOps to consider, Workflow for achieving DevSecOps, Advice for complying with secure development practices, 10 steps every CISO should take to secure next-gen software. After attending, you will be prepared to identify gaps in your security program with pragmatic advice for how to reduce your risks.

  • Cindy Blake Cindy Blake Senior Manager of Product Marketing

Welcome to the Intelligence Era 1:41-2:01PM

A hybrid cloud world means a massive amount of data is being generated all the time. This data can be incredibly useful, but only if it can be accessed, organized, and analyzed. Intelligent storage systems remove the barriers that keep customers from taking advantage of their data by understanding what workloads need, adapting to changes in real time, and simplifying management and support. HPE delivers an intelligent data platform that predicts and prevent issues across your full IT stack with the ability to learn and self-adjust in real time. Hybrid by design, it makes your data accessible and usable across all cloud environments, turning your data challenges into business opportunities.

  • Rahul Prasad Rahul Prasad HPE Primera and 3PAR Category Manager

Delivering Invisible Infrastructure 2:13-2:33PM

Helping customers modernize their datacenters and run applications at any scale, on-prem and in the cloud.

  • Krishnan Badrinarayanan Krishnan Badrinarayanan Director of Product Marketing

Accelerate your 2020 Digital Strategy with Agile Integration 2:41-3:01PM

In digital business, nothing happens until something is integrated. The success (or failure) of a new service or application depends on its ability to communicate with other services, across an infrastructure, in scalable and secure ways. Fast moving, highly productive teams feature developers who leverage the 3 pillars of agile integration: distributed integration, containers and APIs. Learn more about agile integration and the new developments in this fast growing field, including how low code tools and event-driven computing have established a role in the architecture.

  • David Codelli David Codelli Product Marketing Manager

Convert diverse block, file and cloud storage into modern, auto-tiered resource pools – a simple 3-step process 3:09-3:29PM

DataCore™ SDS eliminates hardware and vendor lock-in, giving IT departments maximum flexibility—while making storage smarter, more efficient, and highly available.

  • Augie Gonzalez Augie Gonzalez Director of Product Marketing

Security Awareness Training 3:37-3:57PM

KnowBe4 is the world’s most popular integrated platform for security awareness training combined with simulated phishing attacks.

  • Erich Kron Erich Kron Technology Evangelist

It is time to unify security operations 4:05-4:25PM

Saltstack is Python-based, open-source software for event-driven IT automation, remote task execution, and configuration management.

  • Thomas Hatch Thomas Hatch CEO and Co-Founder

Hyper Converged Infrastructure Your Way, Disaggregated HCI 4:33-4:58PM

Wouldn’t it be great If you could expand the capabilities of your HCI to support multiple applications and scale as you needed, act like a public cloud service on-premises while supporting hybrid cloud deployments? The days of silos and months of provisioning time are over—private clouds must?respond at the speed of the public cloud. Rethink HCI as you know it!

  • Cynthia Gutowski Cynthia Gutowski Product Marketing Manager

Monitor, Manage, and Secure Microsoft Azure 4:58-5:23PM

SolarWinds Inc. is an American company that develops software for businesses to help manage their networks, systems, and information technology infrastructure.

  • Sacha Dawes Sacha Dawes Senior Director of Product Marketing
  • Thomas LaRock Thomas LaRock Head Geek