Converged, Hyperconverged, Composable Infrastructure, Integrated Platforms EcoCast

What You Need to Know

You need greater efficiency, agility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness from your IT infrastructure. Legacy storage solutions just aren't cutting it anymore! What many IT Organizations don't know is that there are many different solutions available to solve these IT challenges!

Converged, Hyperconverged and Composable infrastructure make your datacenter lean, mean, and easy to manage. Between converged infrastructure and composable infrastructure, you have some seriously effective options at your disposal today.

But, not all converged solutions are created equal.  You need a solution that works with you, not against you, and brings with it serious operational chops.  If converged isn't your style and you don't like the way that hyperconvergence scales, composable infrastructure just might fit the bill.  Composable infrastructure provides a data-center-in-a-box solution that is suitable for just about anything you might throw at it.

Join this EcoCast to learn about the latest integrated systems solutions, back to back, from the business value to the architecture!

On This EcoCast Event You’ll Discover

  • Learn how converged and hyperconverged infrastructure solutions make the datacenter efficient and scalable
  • Find out how composable infrastructure integrates 'all the things' -- both hardware and software -- allowing you to focus on what matters
  • Learn how to make sure that all of your data center's critical assets remain well-protected
  • Get answers to all your questions around integrated system from expert presenters!
  • See these solutions in action with live demos
  • And... have a chance to win one of our valuable prizes!
George Wagner

George Wagner

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Pivot3

Krishnan Badrinarayanan

Krishnan Badrinarayanan

Director of Product Marketing, Nutanix

Matt McPhail

Matt McPhail

Global Director of Systems Engineering, Scale Computing