Solutions for VMware and Virtual Environments -- LIVE During VMWORLD


  • Pure Storage
  • Expedient
  • Rubrik
  • Scale Computing
  • Flexential
  • Cohesity
  • Platform9
  • Nutanix

About This EcoCast

Virtualization powers the modern workload environment, a scenario unlikely to change in the foreseeable future.  Organizations around the world need to continually seek solutions that help to enable, enhance, and expand these environments to ensure robustness and reliability while reducing cost and complexity.

Join ActualTech Media as we meet with some of the world's most influential supporters of virtual environments and discover the myriad of ways by which you can refine and possibly even rethink how you're approaching the needs of your virtual environment.  In this unique EcoCast, you'll discover solutions from an array of solution providers to help you get the most from your environment, from considering new storage solutions to migrating to a hyperconverged infrastructure architecture to bringing the cloud into your virtualization plans to protecting your environment to taking it to new levels with containers.

  1. Vaughn Stewart

    Featuring Vaughn Stewart VP, Technology Alliances, Pure Storage

  2. John White

    Featuring John White Chief Innovation Officer, Expedient

  3. Ben Meadowcroft

    Featuring Ben Meadowcroft Director of Product Management, Rubrik

  4. Matt McPhail

    Featuring Matt McPhail Global Director of Systems Engineering, Scale Computing

  5. Jason Carolan

    Featuring Jason Carolan Chief Innovation Officer, Flexential

  6. Chris Wiborg

    Featuring Chris Wiborg VP of Product Marketing, Cohesity

  7. Sirish Raghuram

    Featuring Sirish Raghuram CEO and Co-Founder, Platform9

  8. Krishnan Badrinarayanan

    Featuring Krishnan Badrinarayanan Director of Product Marketing, Nutanix

What You'll Learn

  1. Listen to interviews with thought leaders from some of today's most cutting edge enterprise IT vendors
  2. Discover data protection options that span the data center, the edge, and the cloud
  3. Learn how the cloud can become an integral part of your virtualization journey
  4. Find out how containers can bring your environment into the modern era of workload development
  5. Learn how hyperconverged infrastructure solutions can turbocharge your workloads