Special Webinar Event Cloud Luminary Lounge with Kieran Harty and Steve Herrod

One-Time Cloud Expert Q&A Webinar!


What You Need to Know

Scott D. Lowe

Host Scott D. Lowe

ActualTech Media

Here’s a session that'll get your wheels turning: Put former VMware CTO Steve Herrod (current Managing Director at General Catalyst Partners) and Kieran Harty (former EVP R&D, current CTO and Co-Founder at Tintri) in a room and bombard them with your most burning questions about cloud.

Get Answers to Your Cloud Questions!

  • What are the differences between virtualized infrastructure and private cloud?
  • Where is the overlap in the definitions of hybrid cloud, multi cloud and enterprise cloud?
  • How do I find the right cloud structure for my organization?
  • What else is on your mind? Submit your questions on the registration form and Steve and Kieran will answer them live!