Growth Meets Innovation: Headway's Approach to Automating IT Onboarding



About This Webinar

Join Alexis Lucido, IT Engineer at Headway, for practical advice on automating IT onboarding and offboarding. Headway, an innovator in mental healthcare, faced a 43% workforce growth in a matter of months, creating significant pressures to efficiently onboard new employees while maintaining stringent HIPAA compliance.

Using Tray, Headway's IT team cut manual onboarding and offboarding tasks by more than half, significantly boosting productivity and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Don't miss this chance to hear first-hand how a highly regulated organization leveraged automation to redefine its onboarding process. Register now to discover strategies that can achieve similar success!

  1. Scott Bekker

    Host Scott Bekker Webinar Moderator ActualTech Media

  2. Alexis Lucido

    Featuring Alexis Lucido IT Engineer Headway

  3. Michael Douglas

    Featuring Michael Douglas Senior Product Marketing Manager

In this webinar, you'll:

  1. See a live demo of Headway's automated IT onboarding process.
  2. Learn how automation led to greater efficiency, compliance, and accuracy.
  3. Take away actionable insights to apply automation in your IT operations.