Can Your Vendor Deliver on the SASE Cloud Promise?


  • Netskope

About This Webinar

Not all SASE clouds are created equal. When selecting a SASE provider, it is essential to carefully evaluate three key elements of their infrastructure and network:
· What is the Network/Computing Architecture?
· Who Controls Traffic Flows?
· Is there Real-time Visibility of Traffic and Application Performance?

Without clear visibility into data flows, processing locations, and peering and routing decisions, vendors struggle to guarantee the performance and reliability needed to meet the SASE Cloud promise. However, the shift to SASE does not have to be problematic. Join Joe Skorupa, former Gartner Distinguished VP Analyst, and co-creator of SASE and Joe DePalo, Chief Platform Officer at Netskope, as they explore this topic.

  1. Mackenzie Putici

    Host Mackenzie Putici Webinar Moderator ActualTech Media

  2. Joe Skorupa

    Featuring Joe Skorupa Former Gartner Distinguished VP Analyst

  3. Joe DePalo

    Featuring Joe DePalo Chief Platform Officer Netskope

What You'll Learn

  1. Learn the essential questions you should ask any SASE vendor to fully understand and evaluate their SASE cloud offering
  2. Gain insights into the architecture of the Netskope NewEdge Network
  3. Find out why Netskope built their own dedicated private cloud to ensure superior performance, reliability and user experience