Introducing the Pure Storage Platform for the New Era of Data Services


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Welcome to the Next Evolution of Data Storage

The rise of AI, combined with increasingly complex cybersecurity threats, are driving the need for greater optionality. To meet these evolving challenges head on, Pure Storage is excited to announce several innovations to its data storage platform, enabling customers to keep pace with today's dynamic environment and unlock the value of their data.

Join us and take the first steps to a simpler, more secure, and future-proof data storage solution.

  1. Rob Lee

    Featuring Rob Lee Chief Technology Officer Pure Storage

  2. Prakash Darji

    Featuring Prakash Darji Vice President & General Manager, Digital Experience Business Unit Pure Storage

  3. Shawn Hansen

    Featuring Shawn Hansen Vice President and General Manager, FlashArray Pure Storage

  4. Lynn Lucas

    Featuring Lynn Lucas Chief Marketing Officer Pure Storage

Register now to learn how you can:

  1. Simplify and reduce manual processes with AI-driven unified fleet management and storage provisioning
  2. Gain peace of mind with comprehensive cyber resilience and SLA guarantees
  3. End long-term planning with flexible, on-demand adjustments thanks to the latest Evergreen®️ innovations