Using AI & ML to Build Software Faster


  • Harness

About This Webinar

If you're working for an organization that prioritizes faster time to market for product releases and features, it's likely your continuous integration (CI) process is a huge blocker. CI builds that take a long time not only slows down your release process but are also a detriment to developer productivity.

That's why at Harness, we've prioritized faster builds to empower developers and help them accelerate the release process - most notably by leveraging AI and ML to expedite different parts of the CI process.

If you're a DevOps or software engineer involved in the CI process, or happen to lead an engineering team, this webinar would be ideal for you to learn how we accelerate builds.

  1. Scott Bekker

    Host Scott Bekker Webinar Moderator ActualTech Media

  2. Nofar Bluestein

    Featuring Nofar Bluestein Director of Product Harness CI

  3. Rutvij Mehta

    Featuring Rutvij Mehta Senior Software Engineer II Harness

What You'll Learn

  1. Use machine learning to intelligently select which unit tests to run them in the most efficient way using the available resources
  2. Use cache intelligence to streamline cache management and automatically cache and restore known dependencies
  3. Optimize building docker images by caching docker layers
  4. Use build intelligence to cache build tool dependencies
  5. Use generative AI to find out why builds failed