Special Webinar Event Audience Q&A Event: Securing the Human Layer

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Roger Grimes

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Data-Driven Defense Evangelist,

It’s common knowledge that humans are the leading cause of IT security incidents.  Whether accidental or intentional, a human-centric root cause lies at the center of literally every security incident.

You can’t just eliminate all the humans, so security professionals are left to find reasonable measures to ensure that the human element of their organizations can act as a bulwark of security rather than as a catalyst for disaster.  This is easier said than done and requires constant vigilance.

Human security is not a “one and done” effort.  It’s an ongoing process often including automated security awareness training and simulated phishing.  How do you make it happen?  What steps can you take to get there?  What are the real problems that need to be solved?

Most importantly, do your employees really understand their critical role in protecting your organization?

You have questions.  We have answers.  During this unique Q&A event, we’re asking YOU to tell us what you want to learn.  What is your most burning question about securing the human or emerging security threats that you want to understand.  During this Q&A event, we’ll be answering your questions LIVE, so make sure to ask early and ask often!

On This Webinar Event You’ll Discover

  • Learn what you should be doing around security to ensure your company's data is protected
  • Find out what security solutions are available to you and how they prevent breaches before they happen
  • Get all your security questions answered, no matter how simple or complex