Maximizing Existing Security Tools to Address the Palo Alto CVE-2024-3400 Vulnerability and Beyond


  • Gigamon

About This Webinar

In light of the critical CVE-2024-3400 vulnerability disclosed by Palo Alto Networks, it’s clear that traditional security tools need to be leveraged more effectively to detect and mitigate sophisticated threats.

This webinar will guide attendees on how to enhance the utility of existing security infrastructures, like NDR, SIEM, Elastic, or even observability tools, to achieve deeper network visibility and security intelligence, ensuring robust defense mechanisms against both known and emerging threats.

  1. Keith Ward

    Host Keith Ward Webinar Moderator ActualTech Media

  2. Bassam Khan

    Featuring Bassam Khan VP of Product & Technical Marketing Engineering Gigamon

  3. Stephen Goudreault

    Featuring Stephen Goudreault Cloud Security Evangelist Gigamon

What You'll Learn

  1. Enhanced East-West Traffic Monitoring: Strategies to ensure comprehensive inspection of lateral communication within networks using your current security tools.
  2. Decryption and Compliance: Balancing the decryption of network traffic for security purposes while maintaining strict compliance and privacy standards.
  3. Intelligence Extraction from Network Traffic: Techniques to harness rich metadata from network packets in your SIEM for proactive threat detection.
  4. Post-Breach Threat Detection: Best practices for utilizing network-derived metadata for identifying and responding to post-compromise activities, including practical applications of Indicators of Compromise (IoCs).