Data Management EcoCast


  • Western Digital
  • Komprise
  • Igneous
  • Veeam
  • VMware
  • InfiniteIO

About This EcoCast

The term "Data Management" is taking on a much broader definition as visionary vendors look for ways to help their customers operate more effectively and efficiently.

Today's data management encompasses features that help organizations better understand their data, its purpose, its location, and more. As data management becomes more sophisticated, additional capabilities are being introduced. Advances in storage systems, data protection, secondary storage, database management platforms, and security solutions give IT organizations with data management challenges a plethora of solutions to choose from.

Join ActualTech Media’s inaugural Data Management EcoCast that will feature an independent presentation around all of the various technologies that fall under the “data management” umbrella. From there, you will learn about the data management solutions available to your organization and discover how these solutions can solve your data management challenges.

  1. Kurt Esser

    Featuring Kurt Esser Director, Data Protection and Cloud Solutions, Western Digital

  2. Krishna Subramanian

    Featuring Krishna Subramanian COO, Komprise

  3. Andy Ferris

    Featuring Andy Ferris Product Manager, Igneous

  4. David Clements

    Featuring David Clements Information Systems Leader, Igneous

  5. Roger Boss

    Featuring Roger Boss Product Marketing Manager, Veeam

  6. John Nicholson

    Featuring John Nicholson vSAN Expert, VMware

  7. Kris Meier

    Featuring Kris Meier VP of Product Management, InfiniteIO

What You'll Learn

  1. Learn the latest data management solutions and how they can help your IT organization
  2. Find the solutions to wrangle your data and help your company save time and money while eliminating your data management headaches!
  3. See live demos of these solutions in action!