Enterprise Security Megacast


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  • KnowBe4
  • PhoenixNAP
  • Cloudflare

About This MegaCast

With almost daily security breaches in the news, protecting your company’s data - on-premises and in the cloud - should be at the top of every IT organization’s priority list. However, with so many different facets to security, where do you even start? As part of a comprehensive security strategy, you’ll need end user security training, auditing, logging, encryption, data protection, disaster recovery, cloud security controls, and much more.

You could spend days researching the many different solutions on your own but the most efficient way to gain a broad understanding of the products and services available to you is to join the Enterprise Security MegaCast!

On this special security event, you’ll learn about the most innovative security solutions available today, find out what makes them so powerful, see them in action, and get all your security questions answered from experts in the field!

What You'll Learn

  1. The most innovative enterprise security solutions available, all in one event
  2. How to protect your enterprise from new threats like ransomware and traditional threats like data loss
  3. Your burning enterprise security questions are answered live
  4. Many chances to win one of our valuable prizes!