Special Webinar Event Implementing a Full-Spectrum Internet of Things Environment

How Cloud, the Datacenter, and the Edge All Play Critical Roles

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Scott D. Lowe

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Mike Beevor

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The datacenter as we know it is fracturing. What was once a single entity inside four walls now spans the cloud, our own datacenters, and the edge. As organizations transition from private datacenters to full-spectrum hybrid and multi-cloud entities, IT organizations are struggling to manage, rein in, and protect a tsunami of data. To top it off, companies are also adopting more devices than ever before as they seek to leverage the benefits wrought by IoT initiatives.

How do you protect your data across the full-spectrum of IoT device locations? How do you ensure availability? How can hyperconvergence help?

This cloud-to-edge IoT event will kickoff with a state of IoT keynote from industry analyst Scott D. Lowe with recommendations on how leading companies are dealing with the onslaught of data being created by IoT sensors and devices. Scott will also cover what makes hyperconvergence uniquely positioned to deal with the IoT dilemma. You’ll also hear from hyperconvergence expert Mike Beevor of Pivot3 to help you understand how HCI architecture, intelligent performance, security, data protection, and fault tolerance can help you to overcome your greatest IoT challenges!

Join us on this event to discover

  • Innovative solutions designed to clobber IoT-induced nightmares
  • How hyperconvergence can kickstart your cloud to edge IoT efforts
  • The many ways by which Pivot3's HCI solution tackles IoT challenges, no matter where they exist