Special Webinar Event Software Eats Traditional Storage


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About This Webinar

As the famous saying goes, “software is eating the world” and that’s a “good thing” for companies of all sizes but especially for IT professionals. Smarter software running on commodity hardware is allowing the datacenter to run “better, faster, and cheaper”, when compared to traditional dedicated hardware solutions of the past. Software is allowing admins to reduce complexity and be more efficient in almost every way. However, for many enterprises, the idea of running their storage infrastructure in software is still foreign. What’s stopping you?

Don’t keep wasting your valuable time and your company’s money on an expensive SAN or NAS when there is a better solution available.

Join vExpert and veteran enterprise tech author, David Davis, when you register for this webinar to learn how software is eating traditional storage and how to transform your storage infrastructure with a modern software-defined storage solution.

  1. David Davis

    Host David Davis Partner & vExpert, ActualTech Media

  2. Kiran Sreenivasamurthy

    Featuring Kiran Sreenivasamurthy Product Manager, Maxta

What You'll Learn

  1. Why the traditional storage design is outdated
  2. How the software-defined datacenter can help
  3. Why today’s SDS solutions are ready for production
  4. How Maxta’s solutions can help