The Future Of Storage: How To Solve Today’s Data Problems – and Tomorrow’s


  • Pure Storage

About This Webinar

Savvy IT leaders already know this – there’s a fundamental shift going on in data storage today. Rigid, siloed legacy storage just doesn’t cut it in a world gearing up for a radical future of AI, sustainable tech, shrinking IT resources, and much more. Cloud dynamics are only part of the story. What’s needed to tackle today’s problems and prepare for the future? That’s exactly what you’ll learn in this lively, thought-provoking session.

  1. Keith Ward

    Host Keith Ward Webinar Moderator ActualTech Media

  2. Kevin Rickson

    Featuring Kevin Rickson Product Marketing Director Pure Storage

  3. Don Poorman

    Featuring Don Poorman Technical Product Marketing Manager Pure Storage

What You'll Learn

  1. Get insight from your peers on how to rethink your data storage strategy to meet the IT challenges posed by AI, cyber threats, and sustainability requirements
  2. Retire technical debt and gain the IT agility you need to respond to changes and innovate
  3. See how an intuitive, never-obsolete, platform-based approach to data storage frees up your team to tackle more value-add projects