How To Make AI Work for You


  • Glean

About This Webinar

CIOs and IT leaders are being asked to own the strategy for rolling out generative AI in the enterprise, but with security concerns and other technical challenges, it’s proving a more difficult thing to operationalize than originally thought.

Join this discussion to hear from a panel of IT thought leaders on how they’re deploying generative AI within their organizations today, including with the real use-cases you should be considering and how to think about ROI for these initiatives.

  1. Keith Ward

    Host Keith Ward Editorial Director & Moderator ActualTech Media

  2. Kat Crichton

    Guest Speaker Kat Crichton Customer Success Glean

  3. Casey Carlton

    Guest Speaker Casey Carlton Head of IT & Business Tech Webflow

  4. Cal Krome

    Guest Speaker Cal Krome Head of IT Calm

What You'll Learn

  1. LLMs lack enterprise-specific knowledge.
  2. Training a central model with all company data is hard and not secure.
  3. Building an enterprise-grade RAG-based solution is a massive technical challenge.