Threat Exposure Management for AWS: Why Are Enterprises Moving to Adopt This Approach to Cloud Security?


  • VIAVI Solutions

About This Webinar

What is Threat Exposure Management and why did a leading industry analyst state that enterprises need to evolve beyond threat detection, investigation, and response capabilities by leveraging exposure management data.

In the AWS shared responsibility model, you are largely responsible for making sure that the configurations of your accounts and resources are not overly permissive or allowing for unintended exposures to the public Internet, other accounts, or other Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs). Given the dynamic nature of these cloud environments, and the implications of a compromise, you need a way to visually and continuously validate that your current configuration matches the design specifications and is compliant with your security standards.

Let’s say this another way: You need to know, at a glance, where you have unwanted exposures, where you have a high-risk combination of exposures and critical vulnerabilities, and whether or not bad actors have discovered the attack paths and exploited the vulnerabilities.

This webinar will showcase a live demonstration of the new Observer Sentry, that uniquely integrates exposure and traffic views, and provides answers to essential questions:
• How does an attacker see my cloud environment?
• Where are my cloud assets at risk?
• Which paths can an attacker exploit?
• What do I fix first?

Join us to learn more about how VIAVI can help you gain more visibility into your attack surface and provide a clearer picture of your cloud security posture.

  1. Jess Steinbach

    Host Jess Steinbach Webinar Moderator ActualTech Media

  2. Steve Harwood

    Featuring Steve Harwood VP, Cloud Security Solutions VIAVI Solutions

  3. Ward Cobleigh

    Featuring Ward Cobleigh Product Line Manager - Network Performance & Threat Solutions VIAVI Solutions

What You'll Learn

  1. Identify and visualize your complete AWS External Attack Surface via an automatic and continuous audit of ALL of your AWS Security Group, ACL, and Firewall rules – see what would be falling through the configuration cracks
  2. Understand the importance of seeing a holistic perspective of your exposure between different AWS accounts – why siloed account-specific views aren’t enough
  3. Gain an understanding of how you can enhance the value of your existing investment in vulnerability scanning - exposure context helps prioritize remediation for risky vulnerabilities that are accessible externally
  4. See how the combination of exposure management and traffic management takes you from understanding what could happen to knowing what’s actually happening