The Total Economic Impact™ Of Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus


  • Red Hat
  • Forrester Research

About This Webinar

Build, deploy, run, and manage applications at scale with Red Hat® OpenShift® Platform Plus, a single hybrid cloud application platform designed for innovation without limitation.

Read the Forrester report, “The Total Economic Impact of Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus”, to learn how organizations were able to reduce costs and realize business benefits.

  1. Jess Steinbach

    Host Jess Steinbach Webinar Moderator ActualTech Media

  2. David Friedlander

    Featuring David Friedlander Director, Product Marketing Red Hat

  3. Grazyna Wicik

    Featuring Grazyna Wicik Business Value Director Red Hat

  4. Brent Ellis

    Featuring Brent Ellis Senior Analyst Forrester Research

  5. Keith Coe

    Featuring Keith Coe VP, Principal Consultant Forrester Research

What You'll Learn

  1. 10% improvement in software developer productivity
  2. 203% return on investment (ROI)
  3. $4.63 million net present value (NPV)